Zribe Apps has just released a new game for Android and it is totally FREE. It's called Findiff and you will have to spot differences between two images.

It has 50 different levels where you will have to find 7 differences in each one of them.

It has 3 game modes: For kids, Countdown and Levels.
For Kids is thought for the little ones, because you have more time and one clue every level to solve it.
In Countdown you have a starting time and you must complete as many levels as possible within this time.
Finally, in Levels mode the time will be decreasing as you complete each level making it harder as you play.

The whole game is safe for children since all the drawings are specifically done for this game, but everyone can play the game and have fun.
Despite of being playable for kids the differences are hard to find so adults can play and they will be hooked in this very addictive game.

What are you waiting for! Download it FREE for Android and improve your focus and sight skills.
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