Hidden Objects

If you have spare time while you are going to work or you simply like casual games then we have the perfect app for you! Hidden Objects provides lots of hours of fun trying to find all the objects through 20 different levels.

It contains three modes of difficulty, each level changes the mechanic of the game so you will never get bored and everyone of them will be a total new experience for you. Each time you pass a level you will be able to see your score depending on how quick you were, if you just made it barely then your score will be red, if you did it super fast your score will be green instead.

Hidden Objects is perfect for every age as it doesn't have any kind of sensitive content, so if you are going to make a long travel and you want your kids to be quiet you can show them the game having total warranty that all that they will see is safe for them.

If you already managed to finish the game, try the difficult mode (red bulb) and see if you can score green in every level, we assure that you will find a true challange in more than one of them.

What are you waiting for? Hidden Objects is totally FREE, download it here:

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