Nerd Trivia Free

At last an app that will prove your nerd skills! With Nerd Trivia Free you will be able to compete against nerds all around the world to know who is the king of nerds.

It is Quiz/Trivia app in which you will have to answer nerd questions of all types, it has three game modes:

  • All Questions: Casual mode, simply answer and see if you were correct.
  • Level Mode: Questions divided in 10 different levels, answer all the questions of each level, if you have enough correct then you will be able to go to the next level.
  • Countdown Mode: One minute Trivia, answer as many questions as possible in one minute, upload your scores and compare them with the rest of the nerds around the world.

Don't wait anymore! It is totally FREE, download it here:
Link to Google Play Store

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