My Spendings

Nowadays, in the economic situation that we are, we need to control our spendings. Today, we launch an app that will help you reduce the surprises when you watch your bank account.

My Spendings is a simple app that will help you control how much you spend. Just introduce a short description and the amount of the expenditure. It will show you a list with all your expenditures and the total sum of all of them. Besides its daily use, you can also use it when you are giving a party and want to share the expenditures with your friends.

What makes it a great app is its straitghtfoward design it's very easy to use and very fast, it will take you less than 5 seconds to add an expenditure and see how much you have spent in total. In addition to adding spendings, you can also remove them, simply click the red X by the amount and it will disappear from your list instantly.

You can download it for FREE here:

Link to Google Play Store

1 comment :

  1. I have been using this APP @ the most maximum . I use to carry a book along.
    Small update request
    1) how do u add one more page .
    2) why not rename a page
    3) No rotation support (galaxy3)
    4) you can go pro by adding a few more no hassle updates.